EcoClean Tube Feeders

Better Birdfeeders

Seed Feeders

We carry as full a range of birdfeeders as you are likely to find, including some more traditional and decorative options for seed feeding, such as your classic “house shaped” or "hopper" feeders. But for function and performance, the overwhelming trend of modern birdfeeding is towards the tube feeder. It has been much duplicated—a seemingly simple proposition—but with varying levels of quality. Our tube feeders are the best available products.

Cleanable: Unlike some cheap counterparts, our Quick-Clean Bases can be easily removed without tools.

Squirrel-resistant: Solid metal ports, lids, and bases means that a squirrel can’t chew through these feeders. (We also have squirrel-proof feeders.)

Accessorizable: Add a tray to catch seed. Keep dry with a dome. Bottom mount it from a pole if you want to.

Made in the USA: The feeders. The trays. The domes. The nice cleaning brush. All made to the highest standards in the USA.

Lifetime guaranteed: You break it, we fix it. Applies to all of our WBU tube feeders.

Tube Tray

Tray catches seed and expands feeding space

Tube Weather Guard

Weather Guard

Tube Cage

Cages exclude squirrels and large birds

Hummingbird Feeders

We carry a wide variety of both our own recommended saucer style feeders and more traditional and decorative upside-down bottle feeders. Both will attract hummingbirds, but as for usability and reliability our money is solidly on the red flying saucers. Shop our recommended hummer feeders here.

Hummingbird Feeder by Ari Friedkin

Local photo by Ari Friedkin

Mini High Perch Feeders

No leaking: No upside down bottle depending on a rubber stopper or threaded plastic base.

Easy cleaning: An open, smooth, dishwasher-safe basin instead of a narrow necked bottle and an unopenable base.

Better views: No bottle in the way and perches the birds will use (see picture to left).

Fewer insects: A built-in ant moat blocks crawling insects. And while hummingbirds' long beaks and tongues reach the bottom of the basin, bees generally find the sugar water out of reach, unlike on bottle-style feeders where nectar levels are kept permanently "topped up" at the feeding ports.

Made in the USA

Lifetime Guarantee: If it breaks, we'll repair or replace it, no questions asked.

Choices: Available in four sizes of hanging models and two window-mounted versions.

We carry a wide variety of decorative and extra-large capacity models in the store, but our most highly recommended flying saucers can be found in our online shop.