Now Hiring

Wild Birds Unlimited of Novato is currently hiring for the position of Assistant Manager. We are a retail store specializing in the hobby of backyard birdfeeding, helping customers to enhance their enjoyment of nature in their yard by guiding them in their selection of bird feeders, nesting boxes, field guides, and binoculars, as well as educating store visitors about wild birds and nature in our area and effective birdfeeding techniques. We are seeking one friendly individual with an interest in nature and local wild birds. Extensive birdfeeding experience is not required as long as the applicant has an enthusiasm for nature and eagerness to learn more about local birds. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist sales staff in providing excellent customer service and advice concerning the backyard birdfeeding hobby.

  • Manage inventory and purchasing for weekly replenishment orders and other vendors.

  • Receive product deliveries with attention to detail, organization, and display.

  • Manage special orders, routine vendor and customer correspondence, and outgoing product shipments.

Required Qualifications:

  • Positive attitude, friendly and personable demeanor.

  • Basic knowledge of birds or experience feeding backyard birds. Candidates with rudimentary bird knowledge but eagerness and opportunity to practice home birdfeeding are also encouraged.

  • Sufficient comfort with numbers and computers to master inventory management tasks and use of computer retail management system. (Specific experience not required, but evidence of basic mathematical and computer competence is preferred.)

  • Availability to work at least 20 hours a week, including at least partial day shifts on Monday, Wednesday, and one weekend day. Ideal candidates are available to work approximately 32 hours a week in four full-day shifts (e.g. Sunday-Wednesday or non-consecutive days) and are eligible for increased benefits and compensation. 

Additional Qualifications:

In addition to basic sales and inventory management responsibilities, candidates with any of the below traits will be especially competitive and are encouraged to apply.

  • Ability to comfortably lift and carry single 50 lbs. bags of seed and to unload and move large numbers of 20 lbs. bags.

  • A strong sense of organization and neatness, with instincts towards orderliness that would help combat the natural tendency of our stock room towards a high entropy state.

  • Proficient computer skills, with comfort troubleshooting problems, working with spreadsheets, designing attractive signs, manipulating images, or assisting with our online presence.

  • Higher levels of bird knowledge, including extensive birdfeeding experience, strong general bird knowledge, or familiarity with binoculars and optics. Opportunities for participation in educational activities such as bird walks, talks, and production of online, written, and in-store educational materials are available for interested employees. 


  • Starting pay at $15/hour and up depending on skills, experience, and hours per week commitment.

  • Monthly product allowance, generous staff discount, opportunity to earn free binoculars or spotting scopes, monthly bonuses, and paid time off.

  • Health insurance assistance for full-time/near-full-time employees.

  • Extensive opportunities for continued education in bird identification and natural history. Employees who enjoy birdwatching, hiking, or nature at any level will gain an increased knowledge and appreciation of local wildlife. 

Applications can be obtained at the store or downloaded here. You may either submit an application in person at the store or submit resumes to [email protected] For more information, contact Mike or Jack Gedney in the store, by phone at (415) 893-0500, or at [email protected]