Specialty Birdfoods

While a standard birdfeeding offering sunflower seed (or a sunflower-based blend) is usually the best place to start when attracting birds, using other foods can increase both the number and diversity of birds you see in your yard.


We have the best selection of suet flavors in the area, with both standard and no-melt suet cakes and suet plugs available. Read more about using suet.

Tail Prop Suet Feeder

Bark Butter

Bark Butter is our exclusive, peanut-flavored, spreadable suet which has attracted 130 species of birds across the continent and over 60 species in our area. Use in a feeder or spread directly on a tree. Learn more about Bark Butter.

Bark Butter Feeder


We sell both live and roasted mealworms to help attract non-seed-eating birds such as bluebirds, robins, mockingbirds, phoebes, and more. A great variety of birds especially appreciate mealworms during the nesting season. Learn how and why to offer mealworms.

Mockingbird with Mealworm


Peanuts are a wonderful birdfood that will both attract more interesting birds to your yard and enhance the interest of watching the ones you already attract. Read more about attracting birds with peanuts.

Peanut Feeder

Seed Cylinders

Our seed, nut, and suet cylinders will attract many of the same birds that normal seed feeders will, but last longer and leave less mess. Read more about cylinders.

Tidy Seed Cylinder Feeder