Local Birding Sites

Explore the map for the locations of our 12 favorite sites in Northeast Marin (Novato and northern San Rafael), then follow the links below for site descriptions of these 12 local hotspots and additional locations from the wider North Bay. The local top 12 are numbered roughly from north to south.

If you'd like to explore these locations and others with other birders, you might want to take a look at our directory of Local Bird Walks


1. Olompali State Historic Park

2. Mount Burdell Open Space

3. Stafford Lake Park

4. Indian Tree Open Space

5. Rush Creek Open Space


6. Bahia Lagoon

7. Deer Island Open Space

8. Indian Valley Open Space

9. Hamilton Wetlands

North/West San Rafael

10. Big Rock Ridge

11. Loma Alta Fire Road

12. Las Gallinas Ponds

More San Rafael

China Camp State Park

Santa Margarita Island

McNear Brickyard (fall swift migration)



South Marin

Richardson Bay

Point Bonita

Hawk Hill (fall migration)


Shollenberger Park

Ellis Creek Ponds

Beyond the North Bay

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge