Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are some of our favorite items for both birdfeeders and general nature lovers - come in to see far more!

For Birds and Birdwatchers

1. Hot Pepper Birdfood: If you know someone who has had to scale back their birdfeeding because of issues with squirrels, raccoons, or rodents, we're glad to tell you there is an easy answer: hot pepper. Taste-sensitive mammals are deterred from eating them, while birds love them. Offer them in square cakes, cylinders, balls, or nuggets - this is the easiest way to bring birds into the yard without critter worries!

Hot pepper suet balls

2. Decorative Birdfood: Little owls, bigger owls, wreaths, snowmen, gingerbread men, cottages, bells, and more birdfood that's fun to look at, easy to use, low-commitment, long-lasting, and low-mess. Learn more about the marvelous idea of sticking the birdfood together on our Seed Cylinders page.


3. Binoculars: If you know someone who enjoys feeding birds, but doesn't have a decent pair of binoculars, there is probably no gift that will increase their bird pleasure more than remedying that lack. From inexpensive models that are great for kids and casual backyard bird lovers to high-end optics from Germany, Austria, and Japan, we've got the best selection in the Bay Area. Learn what to look for on our Binocular Page.

Nikon Prostaff 8x30

4. Hummingbird Feeders: Our year-round Anna's hummingbirds are easy to attract, the feeders are low-mess and low-maintenance, and everyone likes hummingbirds. We've got the broadest selection of feeders, from traditional and decorative glass models to the superbly functional Wild Birds Unlimited feeders

Mini Hummingbird Feeders

5. Nature Books: We're always happy to recommend titles, from the newest field guides for bird fanatics, to the latest in popular, readable nature books or beautifully illustrated volumes on hummingbirds, owls, and other favorite birds. Get a few recommendations on our Book Reviews Page.

Birds of Northern California

6. Birdbaths and Houses: Want to get someone started on enjoying local birds, but are unsure about their likelihood to keep refilling a feeder? Consider a birdbath or house, lower-cost and lower-maintenance ways to attract birds to one's yard. Choose from full-sized, miniature, deck-mounted, or hanging; concrete, metal, clay, or plastic - all easy, low-maintenance ways to attract a greater variety of birds to one's yard. Preview our selection on our Birdbath Page.

Pictured: Traditionally cast concrete birdbath, made in Hayward.

Aegean Birdbath

7. A different birdfeeder: If you're on our website, you may well already have a standard seed feeder. But there's always different foods to try to attract different birds to your yard, like peanut feeders, suet feeders, or treat feeders. See our Specialty Birdfoods for ideas. 

EcoClean Peanut Feeder


For People

1. Bird-friendly Maple Syrup: Real-deal Vermont maple syrup produced in bird-friendly mixed forests, available in the standard Sugarmaker's Cut or in a variety of infused versions, including cinnamon vanilla or holiday spice. 

Runamok Maple Syrup

2. Owls: Owl books, owl calendars, owl ornaments, owl tattoos, owl mugs, owl boxes, and even several different handmade owl clocks. 

Owl Calendar

3. Handmade nature-inspired arts and crafts: Stickers, magnets, cards, puzzles, chimes, pouches, clocks, and more.

Hawk Stickers by Coyote Brush Studios

4. Wind Chimes: Choose from a variety of sizes and styles, from charming miniature chimes handmade in California to our incredibly euphonious, center-hung Corinthian Bells and Mariposa-made Grace Note Chimes.

Pictured: Corinthian Bells windchime, made in Virginia.

Corinthian Windchime

5. Stocking Stuffers: Various bird playing cards, compact fold-out guides to local birds, Audubon plush birds, stickers and temporary tattoos, magnifiers, mini secret boxes, and more nice little things.

Owl Box

6. Yard Art: From colorful glowing suncatchers, to solar lanterns and Fair Trade wall art made in Haiti from recycled oil drums (pictured), we have unique and tasteful outdoor decor that can add cheer to any yard.

Beyond Borders Tree

7. Gift Cards: available in any denomination, they never expire and can be used at any of the 300+ Wild Birds Unlimited stores across the continent.

Gift Cards