2017 Customer Photo Contest

Each month, we choose one customer photo to be displayed in our email newsletter, on the website, and in the store. The winner will receive a $25 credit at the store. The photograph must contain a bird - and that is the only requirement! You are welcome to submit up to three pictures each month. Potential judgment criteria include: beauty, composition, species rarity, situational interest, humor, or ostentatious display of WBU products. Please email pictures to [email protected].

Please note that this contest is intended for San Francisco Bay Area residents and that store credit can only be redeemed at our Novato location.

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December Winner

Lesser Goldfinch

Nancy Frost

Nancy Frost - Lesser Goldfinch 

November Winner

Townsend's Warbler

Elyse Omernick

Townsend's Warbler - Omernick 

October Winner

Anna's Hummingbird
(& bee)

Jill Zwicky

Bird and the Bee - Zwicky

September Winner

Red Crossbill in Inverness Yard

Jeff Wilson


August Winner

Anna's Hummingbird on Nest

Mark Schulist

Hummer Nest - Mark Schulist

July Winner

House Finch Nestlings

Carol Crestetto

House Finches - Carol Crestetto

June Winner

Hooded Orioles

Jill Zwicky

Hooded Orioles - Jill Zwicky

May Winner

Great Horned Owl

Duncan Dwelle

Great Horned Owl - Duncan Dwelle

April Winner

Bald Eagle on Reclamation Road off Hwy 37

Kathy Mullen

Bald Eagle by Linda Vaio

March Winner

Great Horned Owls

Klaus Beyer

Great Horned Owls - Klaus Beyer

February Winner

American Robin eating toyon berries

Susie Kelly

Robin - Susie Kelly

January Winner

Sandhill Crane

Tim Loucks

Crane - Tim Loucks

Best of 2011-15       2016 Photos       2017 Photos       2018 Photos