2019 Customer Photo Contest

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Each month, we choose one customer photo to be displayed in our email newsletter, on the website, and in the store. The winner will receive a $25 credit at the store. The photograph must contain a bird - and that is the only requirement! You are welcome to submit up to three pictures each month. Potential judgment criteria include: beauty, composition, species rarity, situational interest, humor, or ostentatious display of WBU products. Please email pictures to [email protected]

Please note that this contest is intended for San Francisco Bay Area residents and that store credit can only be redeemed at our Novato location.



December Winner

Snowy Egret

Roland Rüesch

Snowy Egret - Roland Ruesch




November Winner

White-tailed Kite

John Robin

Kite - John Robin




October Winner

Long-billed Curlew

Scott Buchanan

Long-billed Curlew - Scott Buchanan





September Winner

Ground Squirrel and Pigeon

Susie Kelly

Squirrel and Pigeon - Susie Kelly




August Winner

Backyard Spotted Owl

Richard Stern

Green Heron - Will Lamers





July Winner

Green Heron

Will Lamers

Green Heron - Will Lamers




June Winner

White-breasted Nuthatch

Theresa Kaul

Nuthatch - Theresa Kaul





April Winner

Marsh Wren

Cindee Beechwood

Marsh Wren - Cindee Beechwood




March Winner

Little Blue Heron (San Rafael)

Liam Murphy

Little Blue Heron - Liam Murphy




February Winner

Long-eared Owl at Las Gallinas

Susie Kelly

Long-eared Owl - Susie Kelly




January Winner

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Harvey Abernathey

Golden-crowned Sparrow - Abernathey